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Our Chefs

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Serving innovative twists on classic pub food that stress quality and freshness with every recipe and every ingredient. Our menu draws from both national and international cooking traditions and will always remain in harmony with seasonal availability of the highest quality ingredients.

Chef Antonio

Chef Antonio Molina Ronquillo

I was born and raised in Queretaro, Mexico and started making a new life for myself. I found myself in California in 1990 working with local produce farms. The more I worked with fresh produce the more I started thinking about all of the great dishes I could create. I relocated to Ann Arbor in 1991 working in restaurants that built my passion for cooking. Over the next 10 years I met my wife, moved to Brighton and competed in various cooking competition and winning. My background is Latin but my forte is Italian, I love creating all of the classics and adding new twists on old favorites. Twenty years later, with a wife, beautiful daughter and a strong love for cooking, things couldn’t be going any better.

Chef Todd

Chef Todd ForsytheI have always had this thing for cooking. I remember watching my grandmother cook as a kid making anything from pasta and soups to cookies and breads. As I got older I took any advantage to get my hands wet in the kitchen. Cooking for friends and family eventually getting my first job at a little sandwich shop. From then on my passion grew, wanting to learn more and more. I have worked in restaurants in Michigan, Hawaii, Florida and North Carolina picking up whatever I could. This definitely contributed to a love for a wide range of foods from Asian, Southwest, traditional American and my strong point… Southern Cuisine. Southern food is all from the heart. Recipes handed down from generation to generation, grandmother to mother to daughter and so on. After all, cooking is a passion, a love from fresh ingredients, clean flavors and most of all, the smile and look of satisfaction when you finish your meal. To me, that’s the best part of being a chef.